Custom Outdoor Divider Configurations

Use this configurator to build and estimate a custom patio divider in a matter of minutes. Let's get started!




step 1. SIZE
  feet inches of an inch
step 2. Opening
step 3. Track
step 4. Color
step 5. Weave
step 6. Fullness
step 7. Mounting
step 8. Add-ons
SECURA Galvanized steel end stops, inside mount: - +
Stainless steel baton, 1/2" x 60": - +
Stainless steel baton, 1/2" x 72": - +
Stainless steel baton, 3/4" x 96": - +
Stainless steel baton, 3/4" x 120": - +
SECURA track stainless steel 90°curve, 2" radius: - +
Total Price*: $

* Note:

  • Total price is calculated via the options selected (or default options if none are selected). All prices are subject to verification prior to shipment and may be adjusted if any errors are made in calculation.
  • All unique Custom Patio Dividers will be added to the cart as a separate item. Please manually remove any old configurations.
  • All tracks are powder coated to match the Fabricoil panels.
  • All track systems are supplied with stainless steel rollers pre-installed onto the Fabricoil panels.
Product Summary

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