Custom Patio Dividers

Custom Product Overview

Bring the beauty of coiled wire fabric to the outdoor spaces of your home with Cascade Home Decor exterior patio dividers.

Our low-maintenance coiled wire material is ideal for porches, patios, and other outdoor gathering spaces. Available in a range of weave sizes, gauges, and finishes, custom patio dividers are perfect for partitioning spaces while maintaining views both in and out for you and your guests.

The operable systems may be retracted to allow in more light or closed when the sun is at a lower position and glare becomes a bother. As an additional benefit, coiled wire fabric successfully mitigates heat from direct sunlight to create a comfortable, relaxing environment, even on hot summer days.

Measurement Instructions

Patio Divider Measurement Instructions

To calculate the square footage, multiply the opening width by the opening height in inches and divide by 144.
Example: 180” x 120” = 21,600” 21,600” 144 = 150 square feet

Multiply the square footage by the selected weave and track combination above.
Example: 150 x $40.50 = $6075.00. This is your cost for the outdoor divider.

Additional weaves, finishes, and locking systems available. All prices in US currency and freight FOB factory. Shipping not included in price of outdoor dividers.

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