Formed Metal Fireplace Screen System with Bottom Bar

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Fireplace Measurements Required:
Please select the size of each measurement (the first dropdown is for whole inches, the second is for fractions of an inch) to the nearest 1/16.
Measure the top width of the inside of the fireplace opening.
Measure the height from the inside of the top of the firebox opening to the firebox floor, 1″ inside of the face of the fireplace.
Do not make deductions from measurements. Standard deductions will be made by factory.
  • 7" Baton
  • Pull Chain for Mesh Operation
  • Substitute I-Beam Construction for Mesh Operation

Please Note: All custom recessed fireplace screens and custom sized mesh panels are made to order from approved dimensions, options and finish choices supplied by the customer. Salvage value for new complete custom fireplace screens and custom sized mesh panels returned to the factory for credit is 25% if the material is in good condition and unused.

Protect your home from the dangers of sparks and embers without compromising the beauty of your fireplace with Cascade’s formed metal fireplace screen systems made from 16-gauge galvanized steel. Choose from a wide range of sizes to fit almost any fireplace.

The heavy-duty galvanized steel face plate and full-length galvanized steel back plate stiffener provides strength and insulates the top and bottom face plate against heat damage. All systems feature standard 1/4″ – 19-gauge Satin Black painted fire screen with 40% fullness, along with a bottom face plate/back plate assembly that will act as a barrier between the fireplace and the living room giving you protection from dangerous sparks, embers, and rolling debris. Each fireplace screen system includes a top face plate with back plate, bottom face plate with back plate, stainless steel back rod, 4" matching wands, (2) standard 1/4″ – 19-gauge Satin Black painted fire screen mesh panels, mesh reinforcement rods, and heavy-duty lintel mounting clamps.

Choose from 5 beautiful metal face plate finishes to match your home décor – Plated Polished Brass, Classic Bronze, Enduring Black, Tuscan Iron and Plated Antique Brass. Includes one pair of positive control 4″ wands to match the face plate. Upgraded Pull Chain mesh operation, I-Beam Construction mesh operation, and 7” batons are optional.

Other finish options for the fire screen mesh panels include Metaltone painted finishes and Natural finishes (Solid Brass, Nickel Plated Steel, Copper-Clad Steel, Silver-Tin Plated, Stainless Steel, Ultra Black Stainless Steel.

Additionally, for added protection, optional 3/16″ – 19-gauge Mini-mesh and 1/8″ – 20-gauge Superfine mesh are also available. Both options provide greater spark protection and aesthetic value to your fireplace. 3/16" Mini-mesh can be finished Satin Black painted, Metaltone painted, or in a Natural Finish. 1/8" Superfine mesh can only be finished Satin Black painted or Metaltone painted.


Assembly/Installation for Custom Recessed Fireplace Screens


Custom Recess Fireplace Screen Installation w/ Pull Chain


Custom Recessed Fireplace Screen Assembly Drawing

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