Serenity Shower Divider

$535.00 - $575.00
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Serenity shower dividers by Cascade Home Decor are elegant as well as durable and sustainable. A Serenity luxury shower divider provides a welcome contrast to the natural elements found in today’s bathrooms and spas.

Our coiled wire fabric is manufactured by weaving interlocking coils together to produce a metal fabric that won’t rip or tear. The fabric flexes in one direction, allowing it to gather as it is pulled aside, similar to drapery. Serenity shower dividers are an attractive alternative to traditional shower curtains or expensive glass doors. They also allow the shower area to breathe and dry out after use, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mildew.

Other benefits include:

  • Odorless
  • Easy to install
  • 100% recyclable
  • Won’t fade, rust or stain
  • Uses standard shower curtain hardware
  • Liners are recommended for tub showers
  • Allows more light to enter the shower area
  • Creates a more open feeling shower experience
  • Low maintenance- cleans easily with mild soap and warm water

How does the Serenity shower divider work?

Our standard 1/4” weave size with 50% fullness (fullness is the drapery or “gathered” effect) creates a barrier that captures the majority of indirect spray created in large walk-in showers. The surface tension of the coil fabric naturally attracts water and allows it to flow down the coils. Typically you end up with a light sprinkling on the floor like you would when you step out of the shower. Depending on the style of shower (tub, walk in, curbless etc.) and the style of shower head your results may vary. Smaller showering areas will require a liner.

In addition, because the shower divider is aluminum, it warms up from the steam and creates a barrier from the cold. Several owners have commented on how they appreciate this unique feature on cold mornings.

Our standard shower divider size is 72” x 72”, weighs 13 pounds and comes in our 1/4″ – 18 gauge aluminum wire coated with low VOC clear lacquer. The standard finishes offered are Brite Aluminum, Brite Pearl Gray, Satin Gold and Antique Bronze. Standard lead time for stocked shower dividers is one week.

Custom sized shower dividers are available in a wide variety of weave sizes and finishes including stainless steel with pricing starting around $1,000.00. Please contact us to provide your project details for a custom quote.